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Vision & Mission
Our vision
To provide innovative solutions of superior quality at affordable cost which empower people and businesses to reach their full potential.
• To be a major brand in PC Building Blocks and Lifestyle Products in the emerging markets offering a complete range
    of Mercury products.

• To provide the best service and value for money to customers.
• Commitment to our customers and vendors
• Excellence through innovation
• Integrity that earns trust and mutual respect
Achieving Our Mission:
Passion for the Customer:
We put our customers first in everything we do

Speed and Agility:
We are resourceful and adaptable; we achieve results and respond faster than our competition

Customer Loyalty:
We earn customer respect and loyalty by consistently providing the highest quality and value

Market Leadership:
We lead in the marketplace by developing and delivering useful and innovative products and solutions

Quality is of utmost importance to Kobian. We continuously refine our quality management process to ensure customers receive quality products at affordable prices.
Management Philosophy:
• Inspire, motivate and nurture our employees to explore their highest potential
• Commitment to integrity and diligence, while focusing on fundamentals and results
• Endless pursuit of market leadership in areas of quality, speed, innovation and cost-efficiency
• Strive to be among the world class high-tech leaders.
 Our Principals
 Providing constant access to state-of-the art PC building blocks.
 Integrating superior technology seamlessly into existing IT environments.
 Offering a broad array of PC building blocks intricately designed for specific demands.
 Building trust and confidence and resourceful after-sales service and support.
 Presenting quality, reliable and high-performance PC-building blocks at cost effective prices.
 Fusing cutting edge technology with sophisticated design for exceptional performance.