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Enterprise Solutions


Enterprise Solutions

Kobian provides component and device infrastructure for Cloud computing solutions, Data Centre Applications,
High performance computers and Big Data projects.

Cloud Computing

Digital transformation is the utmost reality and the reality ahead! It is a critical business strategy for enterprises to bring in innovation and employ better technology to set your company on the digital path. We provide a range of high density storage devices and racks to create the efficient infra for effective cloud computing solutions

Data Centres

Traditional data centres lacks te proper design and thus its ttedious to manage them as centralized monitoring system.
Kobian provides Integrated Data centre units which are adaptable to the resilience requirements of Enterprise Data Centers.
The comprise of

1. Power Racks , IT/server rack or battery rack
2. Cooling System - some projects may not need cooling, then the rack will change to mesh panel
3. Distribution for input and output
4. Monitoring system
5. PDU
6. UPS, battery switch, battery bank etc.

IDU integrates the cooling system, precision power distribution system, monitor system, cabinet system, fire protection system
in one solution, this results in Conversion of ROOM DC into RACK type DC.


Kobian invests in learning and building innovating HPC solutions. We aim to offer a wide of versatile building blocks and thus providing the needed solution to our customers.





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Enterprise Solutions
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