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We are the proud owner of the Mercury brand of computer components, peripherals, networking and power products.
We ensure that technology remains accessible by offering innovative and affordable solutions that fulfil and exceed expectation.

Our collaboration with industry leading suppliers and strategic alliances within local markets, we provide our customers with personalized service and spearhead pre and post sales activities. Together with comprehensive market intelligence, we are able to adapt to the industry’s changing demands and follow through with our global logistics network.

Our market reach extends from ASEAN countries to Africa and we are constantly expanding operations to include new markets. While working towards our aim of global reach, we focus on maintaining the personal touch that you have come to expect from Mercury.

Our Quality Assurance & Product Engineering team ensures that each and every product shipped meets with the high expectations of our customers. Quality control on all levels is assured by way of factory audits and SOPs that are adhered to within the manufacturing process. Armed with a state-of-the-art, computerised stock control system, we ensure timely replenishment of inventory. We are also supported by an efficient logistics arm and enjoy strong affiliations with global banks. This combined effort helps us ensure smooth and efficient operation on all levels.

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